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Mr Miyagi might be closely associated with it’s signature ‘Miyagi Fried Chicken’ (MFC), however there’s so many things that this Windsor establishment offers. The restaurant offers a modern approach to Japanese cuisine, with a hip, sleek interior and good mix of R&B tunes. It’s a fitting addition to the Windsor/Prahran dining scene and a great place for drinks and nibbles.

The Izakaya style menu is split into 2 Rounds – Round 1 for smaller plates and Round 2 for a combination of sushi platters and skewers. Creativity is at the forefront of the dishes here at Mr Miyagi, with each one containing its own distinct elements. I highly recommend the Salmon tartare, Miyagi Fried Chicken and Happy hand roll, which changes daily.

In terms of the drinks menu, the cocktails are the go to – particularly the Hello Kitty Sour. A must order.

The food




The Hello Kitty Sour (Top) and the ‘Special Umeshu Drink’ 

I love the creative spin to the cocktails here and the Hello Kitty Sour, both visually and taste wise, stays true to its name with sweet lychee flavours and a crisp, tangy finish.

Since this was my birthday dinner, my close friend W decided to order me the mysteriously named ‘Special Umeshu Drink’ (Japanese Apricot) for a special person’, which also came with an orange orchid.


Salmon Tartare 

The slight playful element to this dish means you get to gently pierce through the yuzu yoghurt pearl, creating a creamy sauce to accompany the tartare. The added yoghurt component and delicate flavours from the avocado, radish and shallot complemented the salmon perfectly as did the crispy nori (seaweed) potato chips. A great dish to start the night with.


Hickory smoked quail

The quail was basted in a charred miso glaze, resulting in delicious sweet, smokey flavours and a skin that was both crisp and sticky. This was topped off with some paper thin bacon and a delicious creamy potato salad.


Small Nigiri and Sashimi Combo (12 pcs)

There are several combinations of sushi platters available at Mr Miyagi and we chose one of the small platters for $28. This included tuna, salmon, kingfish and a tamagoyaki (egg omelette).


MFC – Miyagi Fried Chicken

This was ordered by almost every table the night we visited and its not hard to see why. It ticks all the boxes for fried chicken – crispy on the outside, well seasoned and juicy on on the inside.


Wagyu Beef Tataki

Considering the size of the menu, Mr Miyagi takes great attention to the presentation of their dishes and this dish reflects that vision perfectly. The seared 7+ wagyu was topped with shredded carrot, garlic crisps, ponzu macerated cucumber, resulting in a lovely acidity.


Happy hand roll – special of the day

The ‘happy hand roll’ of the day was a tempura salmon and cream cheese roll served with a spicy mayonnaise. Just like how tempura should be, the hand roll was lightly battered and not greasy at all. This was a winning combination of flavours and I’m excited to see what other happy hand rolls Mr Miyagi has to offer.


(Deconstructed) Cheesecake

The combination of of green tea chiffon cake, spiced strawberries, meringue kisses, yuzu scented cheesecake and berries was delicious. Only qualm is that it just needs to be a bit more cheesecake and less chiffon cake. Regardless though, I enjoyed this creative spin and the incorporation of a different elements to the dish. It was a nice way to end the meal and a big thank you to my friend W for the fantastic evening! (The Happy Birthday writing was a nice surprise, we hadn’t requested it but they remembered when my friend ordered the ‘Special Umeshu Drink’)

Mr Miyagi

99 Chapel St
Windsor 3181

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