The French Milk Bar, Melbourne

These days, the term ‘Milk Bar’ has evolved from your ordinary local corner shop to a myriad of possibilities. One of the pioneers of the Milk Bar reinvention – Momofuku Milk Bar – is every bit the modern day reincarnation of a big kids’ dream. The latest gift to Brunswick’s dining scene however has taken a slightly different direction.

Tucked away on a side street, The French Milk Bar is a lovely bistro that specialises in simple, rustic French cuisine and in part, carries many characteristics of a traditional Bouchon. One of the best things about this place is that everything is home made, including the charcuterie.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is a Bouchon? Generally speaking, a Bouchon is a type of family-owned eatery from the city of Lyon, where the focus is around delicious, hearty dishes enjoyed amongst a homely, intimate atmosphere. And of course walking through the door of The French Milk Bar, I could not think of anything more inviting than being greeted by a beautiful spread of cakes laid on the counter upon entry.


In addition to the cakes and baked goods available on the counter, The French Milk Bar offers light meals and several larger dishes, including specials which vary depending on whats in season. Classic dishes like Cassoulet and Coq Au Vin are the mainstays of the menu however the signature dish is certainly the exceptional Charcuterie Plate, which really showcases the talent of house Charcutier, Anthony Humphries.

Overall, the French Milk Bar is certainly a refreshing addition to both the local Brunswick and French dining scene in Melbourne. I love what the The French Milk Bar offers and the direction its heading in, particularly if there are plans to introduce a dinner service (it is currently only open for lunch times) and a wine menu. In the meantime, I need to head back for the dark chocolate tart!

The food




Selection of cakes and small eats (changes daily) – including Baked Cheesecake ($9), Dark Chocolate Tart ($10), Blueberry Frangipane ($9)


Charcuterie Plate ($25) – Pate with crabapple jelly, duck proscuitto, black pudding (boudin noir), duck terrine, rillette, mustard fruits and olive tapenade 


French onion soup ($17)


The French Milk Bar
(Across the road from 400 Gradi)

153 Weston Street
Brunswick, Victoria
Australia 3056

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday, 10am – 5pm

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