Or Tor Kor Food Market – Bangkok

For one of the most memorable food experiences in Bangkok, Or Tor Kor has to be on the top of your list. An ultimate foodie adventure, the market was also ranked by CNN travel as the world’s 4th best fresh market!

At most markets in Thailand, you would probably find yourself navigating through endless crowds and motorcycles in sticky, humid temperatures however, a visit to Or Tor Kor is a completely different experience.

Or Tor Kor, organized by the Marketing Organization for Farmers, is an indoor fresh food and agriculture market that is home to over 1000 stores, offering some of the highest quality produce from the whole of Thailand. There’s almost every Thai food product imaginable here which makes this place an ultimate food heaven. From home made sauces and dried shrimp to rows of the most colorful fruit displays – it’s a perfect showcase of the amazing produce that Thailand offers, and its vibrant food culture. Arriving at the market might seem overwhelming at first, but most of the stores are grouped based on similar items and some traders might offer you free tasting as well (just ask!).

Once you have made your way through the market, make sure you head to the food court to sit down and enjoy your goods and check out some of the made-to-order dishes.

The first photo above is just one of many fruit vendors here. Notice the durians in the foreground, there’s definitely no shortage of these at the market and it won’t be hard to find a ‘golden pillow’ here! Make sure you also check out the freshly cooked prawns and crab… more on that below!

Freshly cooked food

Throughout the market, you will also find many food vendors that sell ready-to-eat stir fries, roast pork, seafood dishes and pre-cooked meals. Whilst a lot this food is aimed at locals to take home (with condiments and sauces neatly packaged), you can also purchase this to eat at the food court.

The food court

Pineapple and chicken fried rice

Steamed prawns and crab – pre-peeled, served with a Nam chim thale (lime, fish sauce and chilli) and chilli crab roe (from stand 9/16)

Now this brings me to my favourite part of my Or Tor Kor experience – the seafood. Most of the steamed prawns and crab available at the market are pre-peeled and incredibly fresh, exhibiting a delicious natural sweetness and served with a spicy, curried crab roe. Whilst there’s a lot of food here that you should check out (including the grilled ‘milky’ pork skewers) this is an absolute must-eat, easily a highlight of the market.

If you’re looking for some packaged goods to take home, don’t miss Kanomthai Kaopeenong which is located near the food court. It also sells packaged Khanom Buang (delicious mini coconut thai crepes that look like tacos) in both sweet and savoury varieties – which was one of my favourite souvenirs to take home!

Or Tor Kor Market (ตลาด อตก)
139/4 1, Samsen Nai
Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Open hours: Daily 6am – 6pm
Getting there: The closest Skytrain is Saphan Khwai station. Skytrain fares aren’t low (TBH 15 per stop), so a taxi may be the better option. Taxis from Silom will range from TBH 120 – 150 (AUD 4.50 – 6), depending on traffic.


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