Street Feast at Hawker House – London

Winter may be a good reason to stay at home and cosy up, but this is definitely not the case in London where things get even bigger and more exciting during this time of the year!

Just in time for the cold weather and the upcoming festive season, Street Feast has kicked off another electric residency at the 2500-person capacity Hawker House with a fantastic mix of eateries and bars that celebrate London’s diverse food scene.

The best way to get there is to take the train to Canada Station where there’ll be Street Feast staff stationed at the exit who will prompt you to the right location. From then on it’s just a brisk stroll to an evening that you can choose however you want to make of it: delicious cocktails, oysters and whiskies or eating your way through some fiery dishes. I’ve listed some of the newest winter dishes that I had the opportunity to try below – if you love spicy food, dishes with a Christmas twist or simply after an eclectic venue for Friday drinks, you definitely don’t want to miss Hawker House.

Frozen banana margarita – Tequila, banana, coconut, lime and honey

Oysters from Moister Oyster (@ldnmesschef)

The specials change weekly, and at my visit I had the creamy ‘Tequila shot’ Maldon rock oyster which worked incredibly well (and honestly didn’t even need the lemon at the end!). Keep your eye out for some of their Christmas specials, including their ‘Mulled Wine’, which consists of a Maldon Rock Oyster topped with scrumpy jelly, spiced toffee apple, ginger bread snap.

Fries and the ‘Wing Ting’ from White Men Can’t Jerk (@wmcj_ldn)

If the name isn’t enough to get your attention, the smell of freshly fried chicken will certainly make you stop in your tracks. The wings here have a south-east Asian twist and are doused in a generous amount of sticky, caramelised chilli sauce, exactly what you’d call finger lickin’ good.

Stir fried flat iron beef and tempura fried chicken at Farang (@farangldn)

At Farang, the focus on seasonal ingredients is a key part of their ethos and this really shines through the dishes, where the sauces and condiments are all made by the team themselves. The stir fried beef, tossed in a delicious home made chilli paste (Jaew), is full of flavour and a must-try. Be sure to get a seat at their counter and watch the chefs in action, and you might find yourself whisked off to Thailand for a few moments.

Smoked beef short rib tacos from Hot box (@hotboxldn)

You can never go wrong with short ribs and when you combine it with a taco, well – that’s even better. The short ribs tacos from Spitalfields BBQ specialist, Hot Box, is a great way to get a taste of the menu. The ribs were juicy and incredibly tender, with plenty of heat from the chilli. A small tip: If you’re impartial to spicy foods, you may wish to tone done or omit the chilli.

Brandy butter mince pie warmie at Chin Chin Labs (@chinchinlabs)

This Christmas-themed dessert from Chin Chin labs was a lovely way to wrap up the evening at Hawker House, particularly after all the spicy dishes! The ice cream wasn’t too sweet and allowed the delicious brandy butter mince pie flavours to come through – perfect with a glass of Cognac from the Mercury Lounge.

Street Feast at Hawker House

Canada Street
London SE16 7PJ
(5 minutes walk from Canada Street Station – Business Park Exit)

Table to Paper dined as a guest of Street Feast. Opinions are our own

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