Meatballs & more at Curveball – Balham, London

As expected from it’s name, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Curveball specialises in all things spherical-shaped – though these things are done a little differently here. From a quick glance at the menu it’s clear that it’s not just meatballs that are on the menu here but an extensive range of vegetarian balls too; taking inspiration from a range of cuisines and incorporated into a variety of dishes ranging from small plates to larger sharing dishes.

Meatball tacos and skewers might sound gimmicky at first but it works surprisingly well. The Chicken Yakitori skewers for instance are a tastier, juicier version of what might look like some takoyaki balls and a great way to start the meal. For larger dishes, the Tony Soprano (meatballs with rigatoni) might be in the running for one of most popular dishes but I suspect the Nondo’s (piri piri sweet potato) will shortly be a hot contender for this title. And whilst salads are usually skipped in these sorts of places, don’t miss the Green Giant, a delicious medley of edamame, peas, avocado and broccoli dressed in a nutty bang bang sauce. And if it’s available, add a serve of miso tofu.

Whilst there’s a small selection of cocktails on offer, don’t miss the sodas which are made with a home-made syrup and specials that change every day – like the cucumber, elderflower and mint soda.

Check out some more photos below:

Bomba – Picante chorizo croquetas

Left: K-POP, Korean spiced Cumbrian beef balls with housemade kimchi and chipotle mayo on a corn taco, and Right: Little Tokyo, Yakitori glazed free range chicken balls on a skewer with ginger and shaved bonito

Nondo’s: Piri piri sweet potato and aubergine balls with spring onion and lemon crema on freekeh pilaf

Green giant: Edamame, peas, avocado and char-grilled broccoli in our peanut bang bang dressing, with extra miso tofu

Chick Chick Boom: Free range fried chicken balls covered in Frank’s hot sauce and Gorgonzola


16 Hildreth St
Balham, London SW12 9RQ

Table to Paper dined as a guest. Opinions are our own

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