Aix-En-Provence Farmers Market

I’m excited to say that this will be the first of many posts from one of my favourite places I’ve visited, Provence. Located in Southern France, the region is known not only for its Roman architecture and hilltop villages but also for being home to some of the best French produce around. From honey, soap, olive oil and of course the prized Cavaillon melon – I could go on.

It’s therefore unsurprising that farmers markets form a large part of Provençal life and one of the best ways to experience this is none other than visiting one of the biggest markets in the region at Aix-En-Provence.

Cavaillon melon

We ended up buying one of these melons and took it back via hand carry to London and ate it within a week. Slightly smaller than a cantaloupe, I found that these were more fragrant with a honey-like after taste. Definitely a must-buy here!

Fresh seafood

Some stands also sell pre-cooked or ready to eat seafood here, make sure you check out the freshly shucked oysters.


For a quick on the go breakfast, cafes like Paul offer some great deals – €2.50 gets you a freshly baked croissant and espresso.

Overall, this is a beautiful open-air market that’s scattered amongst it’s tree-lined town squares. Despite it’s size, the market doesn’t feel overwhelming at all and it’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning, grab some goodies for a picnic or perhaps a trip to Marseille.


Place Richelme
13100 Aix-en-Provence, France

Opening hours: 8am – 1pm
Market location: Different markets on daily, see Website for details

Getting there

Many people suggest to arrive really early and avoid driving into town to avoid crowds, but don’t fret if you can’t. We got there around 11am and found parking at a paid parking lot right next to Hotel Aquabella and also drove into town in the evenings.

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