Momofuku Milk Bar, New York

Tucked away on a quiet street in East Village is Momofuku Milk Bar and unlike the Momofuku chain of restaurants, the little store is a modern reincarnation of the American milk bar and pays homage to many popular, home-style desserts. From soft serves and milk shakes to cookies and savoury breads, there is something for everyone. From the surface, the Milk Bar may appear unassuming and incredibly tiny yet there’s something special about this place that has been making so many gravitate towards it. The Cereal Milk, for example, has been taking over popular culture and social media by storm since its arrival (#cerealmilk currently yields 6000+ results on instagram).

For many, it’s nostalgia that gives Momofuku Milk Bar its spark. Take the Cereal Milk which is offered as a stand alone item, a milk shake or soft serve. Whilst the concept is simple, the taste of leftover milk from cereals as a child is certainly something many people would be familiar with and have fond memories of. For me, the leftover milk was my favourite part of my cereal and the treats at Momofuku milk bar are a product of a big kids’ dream. Whilst I might not have had a moment like critic Anton Ego in Ratatouille , it was close and a sense of euphoria did overcome me when I visited the Milk Bar.

The food


The Crack Pie (US $5.50)

Aptly named and one of the best dessert pie’s I have ever tasted. The coconut filling is just the right amount of density, smooth and creamy whilst the crust is a perfect combination of crumbly, buttery goodness. Even better, you can purchase the pie as a whole.


(L-R) The Compost Cookie (US $2), Bagel Bomb (US $3.50) and Cereal Milk Shake (US $6.90)

The Compost Cookie is named due to the range of ingredients that you may find laying around in your kitchen – oats, pretzels, chocolate and butterscotch chips. The sweet and salty flavours complement each other nicely and has a chewy texture to it.

If you aren’t a sweet tooth I would highly recommend the Bagel Bomb which is stuffed with smoky bacon-scallion cream cheese and an explosion of intense flavours. No further explanation needed.


Momofuku Milk Bar (some items are available for international shipping)

East Village
251 E 13th St New York, NY 10003

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